Case Study


For an eCommerce client we were able to build microservices to enhance their service portfolio. we built the front end in angular from scratch(Nee to get more staff from support).
One of the biggest Educational clients are were able to create RESTal Service in spring boot using Graph Ql.

Data lake formation

For one of the biggest E-commerce companies in us. we were able to create a data lake for their biggest terribly of data.
Data Processing use peak with Java/ shed a Team was able to create Data processing pipeline for cleaning data, modifying Data to waste views creating visualization its match customer needs.

Cloud Migration

Our team helped migrate physical data centers to the cloud. to an education company as were or e-commerce company we helped to migrate physical systems to Kubernetes (EKS) as wells an ECS Services. Our team is an expert in migrating databases using a number of utilities.

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